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North American Ginseng Medium Size Thick Sliced Roots (225g)

Size:227g / Box
Cautions and Warnings: 
Taiwan Exclusive products will be only for customer
with Taiwan delivery address. If customers order exclusive products
with other area address, the order will be canceled.


This is a medium size thick ginseng slices,
which is made of 100% pure Kamloops
North American ginseng roots without any additional added. 
(Check out the size chart of Sunmore ginseng size down below in the "Explanation")

How to Use 
  •  All our ginseng roots are carefully scrutinized and tested. To use, brew 5 to 10 slices in hot water to make a tea. Can also add slices to soups, stews or chew to release the ginsenocides into body system.
  • more information places check out with our Ginseng Recipes.
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