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What is North American Ginseng
The herb, American ginseng Panax quinquefolium is a deciduous, perennial plant which belongs to the Araliaceae family. Panax is derived from the Greek pan of pana denoting all and ax of axos for cure thus panax means cure all Throughout the long history of Chinese medicine, American ginseng is a highly valued herbal plant, has been used by the Oriental people since the dawn of their civilization. Its effect has been recorded in the Pharmacopoeia of Herbs Pen Chou Bei Yeu Scientific studies have proven the reputed functions of American ginseng and have led to a wide range of promoting and expanding the use of American ginseng.

The effects of ginseng can be summarized as follows:

 Strengthens internal organs the liver, kidneys, heart, lungs, and pancreas.

 Exerts tranquilizing effects.

 Prevents neurasthenia symptoms which include fatigue, weakness, headache, exhaustion,sweating, polyuria, etc.

 Increase resistance to infection and diseases.

 Improves vision.

 Improve mental work capacity.

 Improve one general physical conditions and prolongs life.


Ginseng Family (Araliaceae)
There are two kinds of ginseng in the world. One is called North American Ginseng (Panax quinquefolium L.) and is native to Canada and USA. The other is called Asia Ginseng (Panax C.A. Meyer) and is native to North China and Korea. The active ingredients of the ginseng plant are known as Ginsenosides. They have been identified as the main substances that give ginseng its unique properties. According to modern research, ginsenosides are found in different proportions depending on where and how the ginseng is grown and the quality of ginseng in ginseng products. Some tend to be stimulating or hot (Yang) and some relaxing or cooling (Yin). North American Ginseng (Panax quinquefolium L.) contains all known ginsenosides and it is safe for both sexes and children alike.Asia Ginseng (Panax C.A. Meyer) tends to contain higher proportions of the heating (Yang) ginsenosides.
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