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Sunmore Ginseng Factory
Sunmore Healthtech Ltd. was founded in 1991 by Dr. Donna Chang, chairperson of Min-tong Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. of Taiwan. Dr. Chang is a Herbalist and published author.

Sunmore Healthtech Ltd. operates in a custom-built 18,000 sq. ft facility centrally located in Kamloops, British Columbia. It is the only facility of its kind in North America. Canadian Food Inspection Agency has certified Sunmore Healthtech Ltd. manufactures in compliance with the Food and Drugs Act and adheres to Good Manufacturing Practices.(GMP)


Sunmore's ability to recognize quality American ginseng and to prepare outstanding products comes from over 80 years of experience in Chinese herb and western medicine manufacturing in Taiwan.

As a leader in ginseng manufacturing business in North America, Sunmore offers consumers a full range of value-added North American ginseng products: teabags, capsules, extract, candy, powder, and much more. Sunmore's products do not use fillers, additives, caffeine, or sugar in any of its production preparations to allow ginseng's natural goodness to come through. Quality is of the most importance to Sunmore.

Sunmore Ginseng Factory Production System

Our ginseng product is shipped world wide to Canadian, North American, European and Asian markets. Sunmore Ginseng Products are made from whole ginseng root produced by ourselves. 100% Quality Guarantee, Sunmore Ginseng products, your best choice.
  1. Pretreatment:Raw Material Inspection
  2. Modification:Root Sterilization,Slicing,Honeying,Steaming
  3. Formulation:Formulation
  4. Manufacturing:Soaking,Grinding,Powdering,Sieving,Tableting,Encapsulating
  5. Dryness:Water Content Analysis
  6. Sterilization:Semi-Product Inspection
  7. Packaging: Bottling, Canning, Bagging,Boxing
  8. Products:Final Product Inspection
  • TEL (250)374-3017  
  • Toll Free 1-888-289-8222
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