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Sunmore Ginseng Farm Tour
Our ginseng is grown on the fertile soils of the Kamloops Valley. This unique agricultural region coupled
with both the perfect climate and the most meticulous agricultural practices help us to produce only the best quality ginseng root. Our ginseng product is shipped worldwide to Canadian, North American, European and Asian markets. Sunmore Ginseng Products are made from whole ginseng root produced by ourselves.

Ginseng Life Cycle Seeding- Harvest & Process
Seed is picked when the berries are crimson to deep red and then placed in jute sacks, laid on the ground and keep them moist for 5-10 days. After berries are being fermented, use depulper or spary gun to separate the seeds from the pulp. The depulped seeds then mixed with clean sand and go into a stratification box and be buried in the ground for 18-22 months for stratification. Only the stratified and cleaned seeds are ready for seeding.

Mulching and Bed Formation
American Ginseng is a fleshy rooted, herbaceous, perennial. Its natural habitat is deciduous forests of North America. Today, the plant is grown under a shaded canopy on a good loamy soil site. A mature plant has whorled leaves with 5 leaflets.

Harvesting of Roots
The methods for harvesting the berries & roots are laborer intensive. In the fall, the berries are hand collected while the roots are unearthed by machinery, after that they are manually collected. Manual collecting of the roots minimizes bruising.

Washing & Drying
The roots are then washed and placed in specialized dryers until they have reached the correct dryness consistency.


Ginseng Life Cycle



 1 year old

 2 year old

3 year old

4 year field

 Winter field



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