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  • 1.Travelling with Ginseng+

    It is legal to transsport cultiivated North American Ginseng root out of Canada, including into Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

    According to the international trade policy.
    For individuals who travel with less than 4.5kg, a CITES export permit is required.
    Please let us know your final traveling destination in the "Notes" section while placing your order.
    eg, "I will bring the ginsengs to Mainland China", "I will bring the ginsengs to the USA"
    If you are transporting more than 4.5kg a commercial export permit is required.
    Both are available at certified sellers.
    Powder, pills, extracts, tonics, tea, and confectionary are exempt from CITES permit requirements.

    >Travelling with Ginseng

  • 2.What is GMP?+

    Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is a system for ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards.
  • 3.How to choose N.A. Ginseng?+

    The old the better, if they are the same age choose the bigger one.
  • 4.How to store the ginseng?+

    Please store the ginseng in dry, cool place. it's better store in a sealed container or bag.
  • 5.What's N.A Ginseng good for?+

    The results of over 3,500 clinical studies conducted worldwide have shown that American ginseng:

    *Protect against the effects of most types of stress.

    *Strengthens the digestive system.

    *Help to relieve nervous dyspepsia.

    *Helping digestion in cases of nervousness and/or stress.

    *Normalizes blood sugar.

    *Helping maintain a healthy immune system.

    Please consult a health care practitioner prior to use if you are taking blood thinners , digoxin or diabetes.

  • 6.What's dose per day?+

    There is no clinical studies shows the side affect if over dose. 

    Please consult the health care practitioners for more information.

  • 7.Why choose Sunmore Ginseng?+

    Sunmore's ability to recognize quality American ginseng and to prepare outstanding products comes from over 80 years of experience in Chinese herb and western medicine manufacturing in Taiwan.

    As a leader in ginseng manufacturing business in North America, Sunmore offers consumers a full range of value-added North American ginseng products: teabags, capsules, extract, candy, powder, and much more. Sunmore's products do not use fillers, additives, caffeine, or sugar in any of its production preparations to allow ginseng's natural goodness to come through. Quality is of the most importance to Sunmore.

  • 8.What is the difference between Canadian ginseng and American ginseng?+

    They are exactly the same species with the same functions, and both of them are North American ginseng. The reason why American ginseng is more popular than Canadian ginseng is that people are confused about the name “North American ginseng”, which means it is a type of ginseng originally from North America but in the USA. The only difference is their growing condition. 

    Kamloops, located in the center of Canada which is our beautiful British Columbia, is located between mountains with a healthy, natural and pure environment. That's why our ginseng turns out with a bigger size and sweeter taste.

  • 9.What's difference between N.A. Ginseng and Asia (Korea ) Ginseng?+

    North American Ginseng :

    *Native to North America.

    *Cooling and soothing effects on the body. 

    *Safe to use, yet highly effective.

    *Helps the body & mind to handle stress better; 

     protects the body against stress-related damage.

    *Beneficial to both men & women.


    Asia (Korean) Ginseng:

    *Native to Northeast Asia.

    *Warming & stimulating effects on the body.

    *Not recommended for people with high blood pressure or heart disease.

    *Can increase nervousness or anxiety.

    *Considered a man's ginseng.

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