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Get free gift for any online order
Check out the details, 
and see what you can get for FREEEEE
Black Friday + Early Christmas Event details
1) For any order online, you can get a box of 24 tea bags of ginseng tea for FREE
2) Order over $C150, and you could choose one more Hand-made Ginseng soap for FREE
3) Order over $C300, and you could choose one pack of Ginseng mints for FREE
4) Order over $C500, you could choose a bottle of 200 tables of ginseng capsules for FREE
(Notes: The price above does not include the delivery fee, 
and it is after using credits.
One order will automatically come with a box of tea as a basic gift.
An order that fits the condition above could choose only one extra gift for free.  

For options DO NOT FIT for the condition above,
we will assume the free gift is a box of tea bags)

Link to choose your Free gift:
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