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Ginseng Anti-aging chicken soup

Anti-aging Chicken soup recipe
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They are so many products in the market.
Which types of ginseng products should I pick?

For soup cooking, we generally recommend three types of products:
They would have different advantages:
>>North American Ginseng Roots<<
For whole roots, the flavor of ginseng will come stronger in both bitter and sweet flavors.
It is ok to cut it into slices, and make tea.
For Roots to Slices, please check out here
Cooking Soup with Roots:
use 1~2 roots service for 2~3 person recipe. Cooking it as same as other ingredients until the roots become softer, we can cut it into smaller pieces.
>>North American Ginseng Slices<<
Slices combine the advantages of convenience and good flavor. 
Cooking Soup with Roots:
use 8-10 slices service for 2~3 persons recipe. 
Making teas with slices:
use 4-8 slices and mix them with 250ml warm water.
>>North American Ginseng Tea<<
Tea bags or losing tea ginseng are very convenient. They are ready to go, and suitable for office-used travel persons.
Cooking soup/making tea:
1-4 tea bags. The more tea bags you use, the stronger flavor of the soup would be.
-------Soup cooking products------
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