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North American Ginseng Tea (24 bags) / box * 5

Size:2g X 24 bags

Promotion set details:5 boxes of N.American ginseng tea. Each box contains 24 bags of 2 grams tea bags

 Cooling effect North American Ginseng tea bag. (more info in Explanation)
 This is the purest of Ginseng Teas without additives, caffeine, sugar, and artificial coloring. Each tea bag contains 2 g of pure ground ginseng and can make three or four cups of tea. This tea brings calm, relaxation, and most importantly energy. Place 3 to 5 teabags into soups, stews, sauces, or desserts to make your own recipes.

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  •  Cooling effect North American Ginseng tea bag.(check our information below to get more details about our teas)
     Natural, fragrance-free, sugar-free, no coloring, no preservatives, no additives.

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