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Wild Mountin Ginseng Powder 80g/box X 2 boxes

Number:PJ40 x 2
Promotion set details: two boxes of North American ginseng powder.
Each box contains 2 bottles of 40 grams of ginseng powder.

  • 100% pure natural high mountain area North American ginseng powder

  • Kamloops, BC, Canada
 Recommended used 
Adults: Take 1g to dissolve in hot water to make tea, or add to your favorite recipe.
  1. Made of ginseng grown from a high mountain area with Nanotechnology. No additives or preservatives.
  2. Analysis and inspection are done to make sure all roots meet FDA standards. 
  3. 100% Canadian Ginseng Roots. Very fine powder for quick and effective absorption.
  4. No preservatives, No additives (No added fillers, No caffeine, No sugar and No colouring).
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