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Ginseng Mints Sugar free (Extra Cool)

Number:DFEC x 8
Size:30 pcs/ bag x 8 bags
Promotion set details: 8 bags of Sunmore Canadian Ginseng Mints Sugar-Free (Extra-Cool).
Each bag contains 30 pcs of mints.

  • 100% pure natural ginseng, cinnamon, and mints. NO sugar added.

 Recommended used 
-Mouth refresher
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  • More than just refresh Your Breath! Sunmore Canadian ginseng mints provide a freshening solution for everyday use. At the same time, reducing the symptom of sore throat. Made of 100% pure North American Ginseng, Menthol, and other natural herbs, which is suitable for everyone to use including people with diabetes. Helpful and Effective to get rid of bad breath, getting refreshed, smooth, and de-sensitize an uncomfortable throat or a sore throat

    Sugar-free mints which are perfect to share with friends, family, or someone new ♦

    Portable container for the office or on the go 

    Made of 100% pure North American Ginseng 

    Natural, herbal, and healthy products 

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