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Small Ginseng Root

Size:100g/box, 14~20 pcs

All our ginseng roots are carefully scrutinized and tested. Our ginseng root does not contain any chemical residue. You are guaranteed the maximum ginsenoside   (ginsenosides are the natural active ingredients of the ginseng plant) content because you are buying pure unprocessed root.

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  • Delivery Notification
    According to the local delivery policy,
    Dry Ginseng Roots are NOT allowed to mail to the Mainland area of China for commercial purposes.
    It is legal to transport cultivated North American Ginseng roots into China for personal use.
    We recommend our customers carry or mail the Dry Roots by themselves.
    Sunmore will provide an official CITES export permit for our products, which is issued by the Canadian government.
    Click "traveling with ginseng" to get more information about it.
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