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What is it good for?

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  • What is American ginseng good for?

    The results of over 3,500 clinical studies conducted worldwide have shown that American ginseng:

    *Protect againse the effects of most types of stress.

    *Strengthens the digestive system.

    *Help to relieve nervous dyspepsia.

    *Helping digestion in cases of nervousness and/or stress.

    *Normalizes blood sugar.

    *Helping maintain a healthy immune system.

  • Why do some people say that BC Canada species of American ginseng is better than the United States?

    In general, American ginseng is grown in BC Canada more than four years. In addition, the central region of Canada. British Columbia is located between mountains. It is healthy, natural and pure. There are large tracts of undeveloped land for planting fertile original, so now there are farmers from the United States all the way to Canada BC to grow ginseng.


    En general, el ginseng americano se cultiva por más de cuatro años en B.C. Canada. Es más, en la región central de Canada. British Columbia se sitúa entre las montañas, en terreno que es saludable, natural y puro.   

  • What to look for & how to identify good quality cultivated ginseng

    1. Pesticides & fertilizers should not be used in cultivation. No artificial flavor, additives or preservatives used.

    2. Pure & minimum 4 year old cultivated roots grown in North America.

    3. Processed Ginseng products must be made from the main body of roots which should be washed clean (free from mud and sand).

    4. Ginseng roots, tea, extracts, powder, or capsules should not have  usual bitterness  or abnormal tastes.

    5. Buy from a reputable and knowledgeable source.

    1. No deben de usar pesticidas y fertilizantes en la plantación. 

    2. Raíces puras con un mínimo de 4 años de edad que sean cultivadas en Norteamérica. 

    3. Productos de Ginseng processads que tienen que ser hechas de la parte principal de las raíces que deben 

    ser limpiadas( sin     y sin arena).

    4. Las raíces de ginseng, té, extractos, polvos o cápsulas no deben de saber con amargura en común o que tengan

    sabor abnormales. 

    5. Compra desde alguna  que sea reputable or que sabe bien de donde compra.