• Market's highest Concentration of Ginsenoside

    Market's highest Concentration of Ginsenoside

    Above 4.5% of Ginsengnoside guaranteed for our North American Ginseng products.

  • Fresh and live North American Ginseng Roots

    Fresh and live North American Ginseng Roots

    Only use Fresh and live North American Ginseng roots for processing and manufacturing.

  • Non-toxicity Tests

    Non-toxicity Tests

    All products passed non-toxicity tests.

  • Locally Produced

    Locally Produced

    Provides locally produced North American Ginseng for TCM.

  • Wild North American Ginseng

    Wild North American Ginseng

    Do not harvest nor sell precious and extinct species that are protected by the Canadian Government.


Persistence on Principles of Pureness and Healthiness

Sunmore Healthtech Ltd. is committed for promoting North American Ginseng culture as our responsiblity -Pureness, persistence and healthiness.
Being immersed in the realm of Scientific Traditional Medicine, I have come to realize that North American Ginseng is a precious herbal plant, which requires very stringent conditions for it to grow, such as the weather conditions, humidity, terrain, fertile soil with no pollution, farming techniques and the length of planting. The only way to cultivate pure and natural North American ginseng is to simply follow the nature's principle with patience.
Maintaining the original forms of North American ginseng, without adding any chemical substances are the principles that Sunmore persists during the process of manufacturing high quality North American Ginseng products. By promoting North American Ginseng culture, Sunmore's mission and goals are to allow more people to attain healthy life through experiencing affordable yet high quality North American ginseng products.

Founder of Sunmore Healthtech Ltd. Dr. Donna Chang