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Ginseng is the number one herb for keeping stress out of one's body, mind and spirit. Ginseng has a calming effect like no other. It is very well known as an anti-fatigue agent when taken orally. When used in massage or baths, it is relaxing and it also stimulates blood flow to the skin’s surface. This promotes cell regeneration by increasing oxygen to the cells. Therefore, Ginseng works on the whole person helping by maintaining harmony within the whole body. To revitalize your inner body circulation and refresh your central nervous system, our ginseng treatments are perfect.

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spaWhat guests are saying about the Spa

“It was absolutely fantastic. I have not felt so relaxed in a very long time. Will come back
again and encourage others to come.”

“The environment provided is spectacular. I wish I knew more about the spa sooner. Thank you greatly!”

“I always snooze – soooo enjoyable!”

“I really can’t think of anything for the spa to improve. I was treated like a queen. Thank
you so much!”

“My practitioner was amazing! I’ve had many massages, but this was by far the best one
ever. Thank you! ”

“First time at Sunmore Ginseng Spa – fantastic attention to detail wonderful – will come
back with friends next time!”



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