Private Suites

Sunmore Ginseng Spa’s concept is to successfully incorporate the five elements of metal/gold, wood, water, fire and earth into our spa atmosphere. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is believed that the harmony of these elements  brings about a feeling of physical and emotional wellness in a person.

gold roomGold Suite

The Gold Suite is themed after a Western European design with lovely golden tones and architecture. It comes with a sitting area that has a wonderful lounging sofa, two treatment beds, two long European bath tubs, a steam room and a private bathroom area. Serene and comforting, this room will help you to be restored in our elemental atmosphere.






wood suiteWood Suite

The Wood Suite features a Japanese theme and furnishings with wooden sliding doors, a sitting area, two treatment beds, two Japanese wooden bath tubs, a steam room and a private bathroom. The green colors and wood theme will help to bring physical and emotional renewal in a person.




water suiteWater Suite

The Water Suite is based on Chinese architecture and furnishings. The simple designs are aimed at bringing about a cooling, peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

This room comes with four treatment beds, a private washroom, a steam room and a sitting area. This room is ideal if you have two or more friends that you would like to have treatments together.

fire suiteFire Suite

The Fire Suite features a Thai theme and furnishings. Spacious with red undertones, this room will stimulate and invigorate you if you are feeling tired or fatigued.

It comes with a sitting area, two treatment beds, two wooden tubs, a steam room and a private bathroom. Perfect for those who wants to be re-energised.






earth roomEarth Suite

The Earth Suite, featuring a Chinese theme, is the crème de la crème of our spa. It features four treatment rooms named after the seasons, a tea room, a spacious dressing area, three luxurious bath tubs, a steam room, a mist room, three shower rooms, and one group and one private infra red sauna.This room is ideal for big parties up to 8 people.

If you would like to have a big private suite for birthdays or bridal showers, this is the room for you! However, this room is also ideal for couples or individuals who would like to have a spa getaway for the day. The designs are very earthy, and this is a great place to relax and be grounded in. Perfect for the person who has a busy lifestyle and would like to take some time away to calm the mind and put away any worries.

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